High Plains Milling wants to support and be a steward for the return to natural farming. We accept the premise that a legacy of growing genetically modified plants may lead directly or indirectly to possible health risks; that it may encourage the overuse of pesticides and herbicides, potentially resulting in chemically resistant pests and weeds in addition to damaging beneficial animals and insects, and that it may ultimately cause irreversible harm to the environment.

High Plains Milling will produce starches from non-GMO heritage corn to meet the 99.1% non-GMO standard. Producing certified non-GMO products, High Plains Milling will offer its starches and co-products around the world in many locations where products from the USA are presently not welcome due to genetic engineering.

High Plains Milling non-GMO products include:


Non-GMO Native, unmodified cornstarch for food

  • This starch is removed from the kernel of the corn without further modification or changes throughout the production process.
  • Native, unmodified cornstarch is used as a basic food ingredient, thickener, fermentation medium, and as a glue for making corrugated boxes and as a strength additive for paper.

non-GMO Modified Corn Starches

  • Corn starch can be treated in a number of ways to lower its cooked paste viscosity to make it useful for various food applications and for applying to the surface of paper to make it stronger and provide a suitable finish for printing and writing.
  • Modified starch is a useful binder for various coatings and for binding pharmaceutical tablets.
  • Starch reacted with certain reagents to impart a host of host of specific properties to make the starch functionally useful for many paper, food, and other applications.


  • non-GMO Gluten meal – Corn gluten meal is a mixture of starch and protein in the corn that is an important source of protein for pet, fowl and livestock food.
  • non-GMO Feed (corn fiber) – By mixing corn fiber, the yellow outer hull from the corn kernel, with corn gluten, a substantive feed for livestock animals can be produced.

Pure, Refined, non-GMO corn oil

  • Corn oil is removed from the corn germ at the base of the corn kernel, then crushed to release its oil.  The oil is then refined into pure, natural corn oil.
  • Non-GMO corn oil is a healthy choice for consumers who are demanding more natural foods.