High Plains Milling, in Dimmitt, TX, will produce cornstarch and co-products exclusively from non-GMO corn from local farms.  Providing family-wage jobs that encourages economic development throughout the community.
High Plains Milling, in Dimmitt, TX, will produce cornstarch and corn co-products exclusively from non-GMO corn from local farms, providing family-wage jobs that encourage economic development throughout the community.


At High Plains Milling, our intention is to produce corn based products that answer the growing global demand for ingredients that are not genetically modified.

An independent entrepreneurial enterprise, High Plains Milling represents the ideal of the American spirit for intrepid self-reliance and community interest.  Abandoned in 2005, local private businessmen have reinvested in a shuttered corn wet mill to restore family wage jobs that benefit the local economy.  Our aim is to produce high quality non-GMO cornstarch and corn co-products for global and domestic markets from the high plains of the Texas panhandle.

Non-GMO cornstarches and co-products are desired in many parts of the world for production of healthy foods, animal feed and pet food, paper and paperboard products, brewing, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. High Plains Milling is fully committed to the rapidly growing demand from consumers for clean label non-GMO products not only in the United States, but globally, to meet the consumers’ desire for healthy foods, feeds, and other products.

Focusing solely on processing non-GMO corn, High Plains Milling will achieve higher operating efficiency by avoiding costly and time-consuming system clean-outs to alternate between GMO and non-GMO production.  Exclusively producing non-GMO products, High Plains Milling is aligning itself with the growing consumer demand for natural foods and products worldwide.  Consumers are voting with their wallets every day and demanding more natural and healthier choices.

  • High Plains Milling intends to use only non-genetically modified corn from local U.S. farms as a source for raw material, and will pursue non-GMO certification from the non-GMO Project.
  • The High Plains Milling plant was built with high-efficiency cleaning capability to produce cornstarch that is exceptionally pure.  By also achieving the highest standard for non-GMO starch and corn co-products, High Plains Milling products will be sold world-wide.
  • High Plains Milling will be operated by trained and experienced local journeymen, and provide family-wage jobs to support the local community.